About Us

In the field of margin and contract trading, there are very few globalized mobile applications, especially third-party platform models like BinaricX. In emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, this sector has begun to rise, and some global brokerage has already started operations in these emerging markets. But brokerage promotions models and trading methods are still in the traditional ear which is PC, and they are almost invalid in terms of mobility.

The broker’s business models are obsolete, relying heavily on traditional methods such as offline exhibitions and salons, customers are also separated from account opening and trading and services which brings immense inconvenience.

The BinaricX can provide users with the following solutions:

  1. It provides users a one-stop solution. From quotations to accounts to the transaction can be completed on BinaricX, solving the current user from account opening to transaction disconnection.
  2. Co-operation between global brokerages helps to expand the mobile terminal business.
  3. To provide a more simple, understandable, and socially applicable application for novice traders globally.