Company Profile

BinaricX Strategy

  • Organise events such as China Merchants Association
  • A series of training courses
  • Collaboration with more companies and enterprises
  • Promotion through online and offline channels
  • Apply for a legal operating license with government agencies

BinaricX Goals

  • Commission fee of 500 thousand USDT profit within 6 months
  • Become one of the few contract trading platforms in Southeast Asia within five years

BinaricX Vision

  • Create a fair and open investment platform to assist more investors and newcomers to invest with confidence.

BinaricX Advantages

1st advantage: Earn money regardless of the increase or decrease in value.

High level of leverage to double your assets.

No longer limited by profiting solely on buying low and selling high.


2nd advantage: Professional Marketing Guidance.

Promoting money earning and making profits easier.

Income no longer being capped.


3rd advantage: Exclusive trading point analysis.

Easy copy trading and simple profit making.

Able to make a profit with ease without much technical info involved.


4th advantage: Profitable from various investment projects.

It provides opportunities to invest in assets that can be multiplied.

Profits can be leveraged as long as it is a virtual currency related project.


5th advantage: Simple registration process, User-friendly.

Riding on the trend, operating online.

Can easily get started no matter if you’re a student, housewife or a White Collar.

BinaricX Team:

Compliance Team:

The Compliance team has many years of experience in Southeast Asia countries.

Proficient in local Blockchain Laws & Regulations.


Operation Team:

The operation team is experts in trading tools.

And also consist of deep understanding and practical experience of trading methods.


Research & Development Team:

The research and development teams are all from domestic top Internet Fintech companies, members are responsible for products of well-known large-scale users in companies such as BAT.

Extensive experience in security.


Community Construction Team:

In terms of community building, with many years of experience and strong interpersonal network, it can quickly build a complete community system and promote the steady development of the community.