Project Instruction

Contract Trading – Buy and Sell

A contract, also called a futures contract, refers to a standard contract that delivers a certain amount and price of digital currency at a certain time in the future. The BinaricX currency contract is mainly to predict the rise and fall of BTC, ETH and other currencies in a certain period in the future. Reliable and synchronized with the three major exchanges, it is easy to get started. It takes only two steps to complete the full range of transaction types and supports the five major public blockchain currencies.


6 Biggest Advantage of BinaricX in CFD Trading Market

Assets more secure: Separate hot and cold wallets, 11 level wallet encryption, and mature banking risk management system and asset custody

Data are more transparent: top3 exchange spot market price, platform no pin-pulling.

Risk more controllable: Virtual USDT accounts, 0 risks for training trading skills and test strategies to lower the risk

Product more user-friendly: forward contract mechanism, smaller risk, infinite-depth, can switch between isolated margin and cross margin in anytime.

Earn more than worry: based on the rate of return, win rate, retracement rate, and other screening rules, just one-click on copy trade, sit down, relax and wait for the profit

Lower transaction costs: ultra-low transaction fees, liquidation mechanism, real-time profit settlement


Product safety

Cloud services / privatization: support rapid deployment of public and private clouds

Hot and cold wallets: cold wallet, wallet physical and permission isolation

Support multiple public chains: support BTC / ETH / USDT / EOS / BCHABC, etc

Multiple password technology: private key password fragmentation, multiple guarantees for hot password base

Multidimensional risk control: network / security / service / data multidimensional monitoring

Multi-product support: contract / quantitative / arbitrage / short-term assistants