Rate Standard

I. Contract transaction fees


1. The spread is determined by the current positions of both long and short positions. If the long position is> short, the spread will be larger, and vice versa.


2. Calculation method:

When the buying price is a little worse, the buying price: current price * (1 + spread ratio)

When the buy / sell price is a little worse, the buy / sell price: current price * (1-spread ratio)


3. The range of spreads varies among different categories of targets. The reference examples are as follows: (Spreads will change with market conditions and liquidity.

When the market changes too sharply, the spreads may be larger than the examples listed in the table below.)

Variety Spread Range
Digital Currency – Bitcoin 0.02% 0.1%
Digital Currencies – Not Bitcoin 0.02% 0.2%
Global Index 0.02% 0.15%
Commodity 0.02% 0.1%
Foreign Exchange 0.02% 0.1%

4. Comprehensive market conditions and liquidity. When the user’s position is large (including positions, untraded), the spread cost will be adjusted slightly, and the adjustment will be distributed to both sides (ordinary users will not be affected by this).


Handling fee:

1. Handling fee rate: 0.045% (current handling fee discount activity)

2. Calculation method: handling fee = transaction amount * handling fee rate (only charged once)

3. Record the order handling fee when opening a position and deduct it when closing the position.


Funding rate:

When the user holds an order for more than one hour, the charge / reward of the fund rate will be calculated.

1. When the capital rate / expense is defined to be positive, it means that the capital fee will be charged for transactions or positions in this direction. If it is negative, it means that you can get a cost reward.

2. Fee collection or reward method: One-time fee collection / reward is performed at 0, 8 and 16 o’clock every day. You can see the accumulated fund costs on the position page. It will be collected or rewarded uniformly when closing a position.

3. Cost calculation method Single charge amount = total transaction amount of contract order * leverage rate (when the result is negative, it means that a fee reward can be obtained) Funding rate, which is the rate calculated by the platform at the time of charging.


II, withdrawal fee

Withdrawal Currency Withdrawal Fee
BTC 0.0005
ETH 0.008
USDT – ERC20 4


Not Verified Minimum Single Maximum Single Maximum Per Day Cumulative Maximum
BTC 0.002 1 1 4
ETH 0.05 50 50 200
USDT 10 10,000 10,000 40,000


Verified Minimum Single Maximum Single Maximum Per Day Cumulative Maximum
BTC 0.002 2 5 /
ETH 0.05 150 400 /
USDT 10 10,000 1,000,000 /

(Updated to November 6, please refer to the actual page display)


Third, the exchange fee

The transaction fee for currency exchange is 0.2%