Bonuses from BinaricX

Bonus is a special asset that the platform gives to users and can be used as the principal in the contract. The use of bonuses for contract transactions will generate revenue into your wallet balance. In simple terms, the income earned using bonuses is the real currency!


1. How to use the bonus?

a. On the contract ordering page, check “Use bonus” to select your bonus to place an order; (the bonus and the balance cannot be used at the same time)

b. For orders using bonus funds, the system will automatically close the position 24 hours after the position is successfully opened. If you need to close the position yourself, please operate in advance;

c. The bonus is valid for a single time and does not support repeated use.


2. The conditions of use of the bonus

a. Each bonus has a “validity period”, please use it within the period;

b. Some bonuses have requirements for the user’s cumulative transaction amount, which can be used only after reaching the standard. Please refer to the requirements of specific bonuses;

c. When using the bonus to place an order, please pay attention to the limit of “maximum leverage”. If the limit is exceeded, it cannot be used.


3. Other instructions

a. The bonus is a special reward used by the platform to give back to users. Do not obtain bonus by illegal means;

b. The platform will strictly review the user information, and once it finds false or illegal users, it will deal with the title.