A Beginner’s Manual For Cryptocurrency Investment

It is inevitable that novices entering the currency circle will be a little aggressive. Faced with a variety of virtual currencies, a constantly changing K-line chart, and a long and lengthy analysis by everyone, I do not know how to start. This article will recommend some ways for novices to make money in the currency circle, for your reference only .


First, long-term coin storage

A few days ago, Luo Yonghao tweeted that he had bought 1 million virtual coins before and hadn’t watched them. Now it is worth 30 million. This is the benefit brought by coin hoarding. In fact, 30 times is already a very ordinary benefit for early coin hoarders. After the current price of old currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum has doubled infinitely, many people are still optimistic about future developments, continue to invest in the long-term, and lock up some potential virtual coins to prepare for subsequent acquisition. Greater income. The biggest risk of coin hoarding is that you are “low-handed”, and sell it as soon as you face ups and downs, which is difficult to hold until the end. At the same time, with so many currencies now, there is no guarantee that the long-term currencies you hold will appreciate in the future, or even the possibility of a significant depreciation. Therefore, hoarding coins requires sufficient patience and a very good vision


Second, medium and short-term speculation (band)

The speculation of coins is similar to the speculation of stocks, with high selling and low absorption. The speculators are considered as the mainstream force in the currency circle. After all, the possibility of unlimited operations in the rise and fall of virtual currencies. Take the most popular EOS as an example. (April) Doubled in a few days, the rise and fall of other niche currencies was even more frightening. Generally, the interval between buying and selling of speculative coins in the short and medium-term ranges from ten days and a half months to a few minutes. The price of virtual coins is easily affected by news, speculation, and market manipulation. A bit of catching news may make it Short-term growth or decline, so speculation in the currency needs to pay close attention to the dynamics of the currency circle and currency trends. The point is to close when you see it. Don’t be greedy. It’s best to set a profit margin for yourself. For example, a short-term gain of 10% will be sold. If you find a long-term downward trend after buying, throw it out in time to avoid greater losses.


Third, cross-platform moving bricks

At present, there are many exchanges, and the prices between different exchanges are different. If you have a large difference, you can use the brick moving method. Moving bricks means buying coins on a platform with a low selling price, and then transferring to a platform with a high selling price to sell coins and earn the difference. There are many big guys moving bricks between domestic and Korean platforms, because Korean platforms generally have a higher premium. However, the registration threshold of foreign platforms is high, and novices are not recommended to move bricks across the country. Novices can consider moving bricks between domestic exchanges, registering a few more trading stations, and fast in and out. Although the price difference is not high, it is easy to operate and the risk is small.


Points to note when moving bricks across platforms:


1. When you move bricks, you need to choose a currency with a relatively stable price and a low transfer fee at the time, and the currency must be familiar to you;

2. First understand whether the buying platform can transfer the virtual currency, the time and the amount of the virtual currency, and the withdrawal amount of the selling platform;

3. Pay attention to the issue of time. Many platforms have to manually review before transferring coins. If they are too busy, it may delay time. Certain coins may be congested when they are transferred out in popular times. This will cause delays in account entry and the best sale Out of timing. Therefore, as far as possible, choose a currency that has not been frenzied during the time period to move bricks;

4. The spread is too small to move, otherwise the two platforms may deduct transaction fees and transfer fees, which may not make money or even lose money.


Fourth, hedging moving bricks

Hedging bricks avoids the risks of slow manual recharge of the platform and the large price fluctuations during the virtual currency transfer. The specific operation methods are as follows:

Place a certain amount of virtual currency and transaction currency on both A and B platforms (Take 1,000 EOS and 10,000 RMB as examples for each platform);

Assume that the current EOS price of platform A is ¥ 80 / unit and platform B is ¥ 88 / unit;

Buy 1,000 EOS on platform A and spend 8,000 yuan;

Sell 1,000 EOS on platform B and get 8,800 yuan;

Sell 1,000 EOS on platform B and get 8,800 yuan; After these two transactions, platform A’s assets became 2,000 EOS and 2,000 yuan; platform B had 0 EOS and 18,800 yuan. After the transaction, the number of EOS is unchanged, but the RMB is 800 yuan more.




1. Don’t feel that you have missed the time to invest in virtual currency. The best time is always yesterday, followed by now;

2. Regardless of newcomers or brothers, don’t invest too much money, be sure to invest spare money to invest in it. The high returns and high risks of virtual coins coexist, and you can invest some spare money. If you have invested your wife, it will not be good if your wife loses it;

3. Know the currency before investing, don’t blindly invest;

4. It is recommended to invest a portion of long-term coins and then go to the short-term to speculate on other coins. Do not identify a coin and start stud directly at the novice stage. Multi-currency investment can reduce risk;

5. Don’t be greedy, take it when you see it. This is the most important!