Cryptocurrency Investment

Virtual currency refers to non-real currency. Well-known virtual currencies such as Baidu’s Baidu coins, Tencent’s Q coins, Q-points, Shanda’s coupons, micro-coins launched by Sina (for micro games, Sina reading, etc.), chivalrous ingots (for chivalrous Tao games ), Wenyin (used for the Snow White Game), popular digital currencies in 2013 are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Infinitecoin, Quarkcoin, Zetacoin, Barbecue Coin, Penny Coin (outside network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red coins, prime coins. There are currently hundreds of digital currencies issued worldwide. The legends of “Bitkin, Wright Silver, Infinite Copper, and Penny Aluminum” are popular in the circle.


How do I invest in virtual currencies?


First, firstly, the currency itself should be a digital currency (that is, open source code is open, decentralized, and everyone participates in mining, etc.). Many currency companies dare not publish open source code because there is no such thing at all. Then there are some players who can only mine in their own company. Digital currency itself is that everyone can participate in mining, such as this can not be considered digital currency.


Second, currencies need to be traded on more than two international trading platforms. Why are there more than two? More than two international trading platforms show that this currency has been initially recognized by the international market, and the market price and value are reasonable. From the perspective of player risk, even if one platform is closed, coins with offline wallets can also be realized through transactions on other platforms, which is the greatest guarantee for players.


Based on Bitcoin standards, only currencies that meet the above two conditions can be considered real virtual currencies. Well, there were a lot of coins before. The circulation company had the final say, and the company had the final say on how to trade. We call this kind of currency an enterprise coin. That is, the currency is issued by this company, and everything related to it is left to the company. The risks of players in these currencies are in the hands of the company. When the company has a problem or is in a downturn, the coins in our hands will be cashed. Slow or even worthless. From the perspective of risk control, investors are requested to stay away from corporate currency and invest in real virtual currencies.


How to identify real virtual currency?


There are many trading platforms for real virtual currencies. We can find relatively well-known virtual currency trading platforms to see if there are any currencies you want to invest in.