Getting Started: Forex Futures Settlement Date

Foreign currency futures is a futures contract that seeks a specific quantity of a certain foreign currency and is traded in another currency on a specified future date. The currency, quantity, time and price of the transaction are in the contract. Both have been identified.


Futures foreign exchange trading refers to the purchase and sale of a certain amount of another currency in U.S. dollars at an agreed date and at an established exchange rate. Futures foreign exchange trading and contract spot trading have similarities and differences. The purchase and sale of contract spot foreign exchange is conducted through banks, and the purchase and sale of futures foreign exchange is conducted in a special futures market. At present, the world’s futures markets are: Chicago Futures Market, New York Mercantile Exchange, Sydney Futures Market, Singapore Futures Market, and London Futures Market. The futures market must include at least two parts: one is the trading market and the other is the clearing center. After the buyer or seller of the futures trades on the exchange, the clearing center becomes its counterparty until the futures contract is actually delivered. Futures foreign exchange and contract foreign exchange transactions have certain connections and differences. The following describes the specific operation of futures foreign exchange from the perspective of the comparison between the two.

The number of futures foreign exchange transactions is exactly the same as the contract spot foreign exchange transactions. Futures foreign exchange trading is at least a contract, the amount of each contract, different currencies have different regulations, such as a pound contract is also 62,500 pounds, yen is 12,500,000 yen, mark is 125,000 mark. The delivery date of futures foreign exchange contracts has strict rules. There is no such thing as spot spot foreign exchange trading. The delivery date of a futures contract is set for Wednesday of the third week of March, June, September, and December of the year.

There are only four contract settlement days in a year, but trading can be performed at other times, and delivery cannot be performed. If the bank is closed on the settlement day, it will be postponed for one day. The price of a futures foreign exchange contract is expressed in terms of how many dollars a foreign currency is.

Therefore, except for the pound, the futures foreign exchange price and the contract foreign exchange price are exactly inverse of each other. . Trading of futures and foreign exchange does not have the issue of interest expenses and income. No matter whether you buy or sell any foreign currency, investors will not get interest, and of course they do not have to pay interest. The futures foreign exchange trading method is exactly the same as the contract spot foreign exchange. You can buy first and then sell, or you can buy first and then buy.