BinaricX-Contract Trading Operation Ideas

Investors can use contract trading to place orders to buy and sell, so as to profit from the market’s decline or rise. Investors can place an order to buy and sell when they think they will fall, and they can make a profit by buying and closing a position at a lower price.


A simple summary is high leverage! Do big things with little money! So, how to operate contract transactions?


The first step: the first one, popularly speaking, is stock selection

Because CFD trading has a leverage of 1-150 times, for small players, of course, you must first use the high leverage stocks, such as BTC and ETH, which have more potential and both provide 1-10 times or more. lever. Stock selection principles: CFD trading is best to choose large-cap stocks, because large-cap stocks have limited fluctuations, and large-cap stock transactions are active, which is conducive to shots, of course, the most important is risk control.


Step 2: Calculation of data on buying points and shares

For example, the minimum transaction fee of CFD is 2.88 US dollars, which is charged for buying and selling. Of course, compared with small households, it is necessary to calculate carefully. It is the most cost-effective to buy 288 shares or more


Step 3: Place an Order to Buy

It is recommended to choose a 5-minute low for buying. The specific operations are as follows:

1. Find the one you want to participate in, click the buy button in the lower right corner.

2. Select the target that supports CFD, the system will automatically pop up a prompt, choose to buy long, choose to sell short.

3. Select the contract trade on the trading page to determine whether to buy long or sell short.


Step 4: Open positions

After buying the stock, the position is waiting to rise. As for when to sell, it depends on whether it meets his expectations. (The CFD supports an unlimited number of T + 0 transactions during the day. It depends on whether the current income is in line with its own expectations.


Step 5: Sell and close the position to realize the profit

This step will not be specific, it is up to you!

In the end, I have to talk a lot, investment is risky, so be careful when entering the market!